Conceptual Approach

Johnson's IT Company uses a refreshingly honest, open, and sensible approach to managing small to medium business Information Technology (IT) environments within a solid framework that emphasizes a balance between security, efficiency, cost, and above all, productivity. Throughout this process, the on-going client relationship is the key to maximizing the effectiveness of this approach. Johnson's IT Company expertly - and happily - serves both on for-profit and non-profit businesses and tailors its approach to fit the specific clients' business needs.

Locally owned and based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Johnson's IT Company was founded in 2004 and draws on years of experience with numerous forms of IT in a variety of settings and industries nationwide.


Company Background

Johnson's IT Company was only founded in 2004, but the fundamental Johnson's IT Company approach to Information Technology (IT) is based on the lessons learned from over 20 years of working with IT in office, business, and non-profit settings, from both a regular user and an IT service-provider perspective.

Soeren Johnson, founder of Johnson's IT Company, started out using computers in business settings before networks were popular there. From there he learned PC hardware and software basics and support, in addition to working in positions that relied heavily on computers. While working in IT during the Internet boom of the mid-to-late 90's, Soeren worked both in smaller offices and as a traveling IT Integrator/ Troubleshooter for a large software manufacturer. In this capacity he was involved with entire office setups, from desktop to server to networking. After moving to Silicon Valley and consulting for various high-tech firms, for the last several years he had focused his skillset on server/back-office IT and technical management, dealing additionally with data security and large scale IT deployments. Throughout his work-life, Soeren has had the good fortune of working in and for all sizes and types of businesses - ranging from 3 to 450,000 employees, and covering diverse fields such as architecture, banking, entertainment, law, medicine, and software.



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