What does Johnson's IT Company do?
  Johnson's IT Company uses a refreshingly honest, open, and sensible approach to managing small to medium business Information Technology (IT) environments within a solid framework that emphasizes a balance between security, efficiency, cost, and above all, productivity. Throughout this process, the on-going client relation-ship is the key to maximizing the effectiveness of this approach.


Where is Johnson's IT Company based?
  Johnson's IT Company is locally owned and based in Las Vegas, Nevada. While the primary business focus is the Las Vegas metropolitan area, consulting services are available globally.


Why bother "managing" IT?
  It used to be that if there was a computer or PC problem, it was likely to affect at most a few people in the office. But these days, with networks, servers, always-on high-speed internet connections, and email having found their way even into the smallest of businesses, a whole new set of interdependencies has sprung up - and a problem with one computer can mean lost productivity for not just one person, but possibly even the entire business. That's the bad news - the good news is that these issues can be properly managed so that they enhance productivity - rather than acting as a constant threat.


What are some of the highest IT priorities?
  If you work in or own a Small- or Medium-sized Business (SMB), you probably already have a good idea of which issues are most important to you. Here are three of the top priorities from an IT-insider's perspective:

tight security ... intrusions (physical and/or virtual/hacking), malware/virus protection (AV-software and patching), confidentiality (legal/regulatory)

high business productivity ... minimal downtime, minimal training needs, best appropriate technology for the task at hand

maximal cost containment ... most efficient technology fit (the right tool), pricing research (best deal), fewer IT interventions (maintenance), lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)


What are some common obstacles to achieving these goals?
  • lack of two-way communication between business and IT consultant (listening)
  • IT environment variability (lack of standards)
  • inexperience with business environment on the part of IT consultant
  • unfamiliarity with IT on the part of the customer
  • lack of efforts to educate the customer on IT issues by IT consultant
  • faulty/incomplete IT information (usually from random sources, like magazines, TV shows)
  • IT consultants have to drive to the client's office


Why chose Johnson's IT Company?
  Johnson's IT Company has two major goals for each customer relationship:
  • to provide SMB a tailored combination of cost, productivity, and security suited specifically to each business


  • to allow SMB to share in the benefits of an IT Department without the normally associated cost
The way that Johnson's IT Company strives to achieve these goals is by forming an on-going, trust-based working relationship/ partnership with each business to provide a long-term strategy for the office IT environment - the Managed ITTM approach. This approach is specifically designed to overcome the obstacles listed above and is in stark contrast to the disjointed "one-visit-at-a-time" approach that is all too common otherwise.

The following are some of the main points encompassed by Managed ITTM:

Managed IT TM Approach
  • IT homogeneity (establishing & implementing office technology standards)
  • continuous monitoring of IT environment (centralized, daily/weekly)
  • on-going discussion/dialog between customer and Johnson's IT Company
  • ability to assist business remotely - as well as on-site
While there are some minimum hardware requirements for this approach to work properly, Johnson's IT Company can expertly carry out an appropriate "Technology Refresh" for any size office (hardware, OS, software, network, etc.) if needed.


Who's most likely to benefit from Johnson's IT Company's "Managed IT" approach? (i.e. Who's a "good fit"?)
  While most businesses can benefit from this overall approach, Johnson's IT Company has opted to narrow its own focus in order to more efficiently provide the proper attention and service to its customers. Here's a short list of some of the characteristics and business needs that make Johnson's IT Company the best "fit" for a given business:
  • 2-50 PCs and minimum 1 Windows server
  • high-speed internet connection (always-on)
  • high need for security
  • high need for confidentiality
  • high need for persistent up-time during regular working hours
  • need for remote access to office resources
  • lack of internal IT resources
  • relatively up-to-date computers (less than 5 yrs. old)…
…if your hardware is older, Johnson's IT Company can help!


What are some key technologies often used in this process?
  • Windows Server (any version)
  • Windows XP/7 Professional
  • network switches/hubs
  • firewall(s)
  • virtual private network(s) (VPN)
  • uninterruptable power supply (UPS)
  • various monitoring and office software




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